Corporate Biscuits

We can provide corporate logo biscuit solutions to suit any event and budget – corporate gifts, product launches, customer events and staff parties. There really is no limit to the creativity in our biscuits.  Branded biscuits are an ideal marketing and promotional tool which are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Logo Biscuits

Give your corporate gifts a sweet edge –  we  print your business logo on icing paper and attach it to a freshly baked biscuit, iced with real royal icing, not fondant.  Sizes can vary to suit your requirements.    Using just four 100% high grade edible food colourings we can produce superb vibrant near photo quality printed biscuits.  We can hand pipe the logo if you prefer.

Wholesale Solutions

We would love to provide biscuits for your business and these can be in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs just for you or from our standard range.

If you want to know more about our wholesale service you can get in touch with our contact form  send us an email at or give us a call on 08454 636374





What kind of custom biscuits can you create?
All kinds, you can send us pictures, describe what you saw or what your imagining and we will make it happen. Our design team can achieve pretty much anything you want. Biscuits are the perfect edible gifts and allow for more detail than some other baked goods.

Which flavours do the biscuits come in?
We offer a choice of four yummy flavours:  Cocoa, Vanilla, Lemon or Ginger & Cinnamon.

How much do they cost?
Pricing depends on size and quantity required.  Payment of your custom order must be arranged in advance.

 How long do the cookies/ biscuits stay fresh?
We encourage you to enjoy our biscuits within 12 weeks from baking, but we’re certain you’ll devour them long before then! The biscuits will not ‘go bad’, nor will the design deteriorate so long as they are kept sealed in the bag they came in, but we want you to enjoy them as fresh as possible.

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Our customer service team are on hand to handle all of your corporate gift needs. Whether you need 25 or 2000 biscuits.
We’ll work with you to create the perfect custom biscuits and guarantee to deliver on schedule.There are plenty of convenient options for working with us on your corporate order from emailing and calling our customer team on 08454 636374 or by filling in our Contact Form or emailing us:

We’ll start coordinating with our design team to help design your cookies.
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